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We are a leading company in our field

What makes the OSolar brand so special is that we strive to provide unrivalled personalised power solutions to every client. Whatever the basis is of your need for an uninterrupted energy supply we have a customized solution just for you.

We select our suppliers based on stringent scrutiny of their reliability and are driven by a passion for continuous improvement in all aspects of our business. As OSolar we are committed to partner with and be inspired by organisations dedicated to the challenge of creating a better future for all.


We welcome any challenge and support sustainable innovation towards generating clean renewable and cost effective energy.

Personal consultation, client-need-driven product sourcing, custom design and turnkey installation is achieved through unrivalled attention to detail. Our guaranteed after care service is taken to a new level with continuous data and efficiency monitoring; providing real time feedback on performance and measurable return on investment.

Allow our team to flawlessly execute your power solution